For over half a century, The Plaza has been the reliable choice to deliver excellent food and impeccable service to Manila's discerning palates. Known for our high-caliber catering services for family milestones, corporate events, and state functions, we now extend The Plaza's signature quality to our exclusive line of deli and frozen meals.

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From the inception of The Plaza as the country's first convention center, to how it has evolved today, our patrons come to us for food and service that will surely delight and impress. Our menus feature both homerun classics like our Premium Ham and Angus Corned Beef, as well as innovative and seasonal offerings. All of these are perfected in our own commissary facility ensuring that each dish is executed with precision by our well-trained team. And whenever possible, we source ingredients that are in season and locally available resulting to fresher and more sustainable food offerings.

As a family-run business in its third generation, our collective experience and strong family ties ensure that quality will never be compromised at every stage. Living up to the legacy of our founders, Joe and Meldy Reyes, who are considered pillars of our country's restaurant industry, inspires us to navigate this ever-evolving business with the same vigor.

Lolo Joe was one of the founders of the Hotel & Restaurant Association of the Philippines.

Lola Meldy broke new ground by venturing into catering in the ‘60s. It was Lola Meldy Reyes who conceived, developed and perfected The Plaza Premium Baked Ham together with The Plaza’s Swedish Master Chef Gosta Pettersson.

We will continue to provide The Plaza touch to gastronomic experiences that are a perfect blend of quality, creativity, and warmth.


    When you choose The Plaza, you can expect impressive food and service without exception. For us, this is already a standard and we keep on challenging ourselves to consistently exceed the expectations of our patrons.


    We put a premium on quality service. Our team goes through rigorous trainings in our own commissary facility and the hands-on approach of the Reyes restaurateurs ensure that quality will never be compromised.


    Taking after the food innovations that our Lolo Joe and Lola Meldy have introduced, we continue to explore more ways to delight our patrons.


    The heart of The Plaza is the warmth of having strong family ties- from our own, to our team, and to our patrons. The people of The Plaza have all become more than just stakeholders, we consider them as our extended family.