One of the pillars of the country's food industry

For over half a century, The Plaza has been the reliable choice to deliver excellent food and seamless service to Manila's discerning palates. Known for our high-caliber catering services for family milestones, corporate events, and state functions, we now extend The Plaza's signature quality to our exclusive line of deli and frozen meals.

The Plaza Premium Baked Ham was created in the 1960s by Master Chef Gosta Pettersson and co-founder Meldy Reyes. It was inspired by the traditional Swedish Christmas ham but tailored to suit the Filipino palate, striking a perfect balance between sweetness and saltiness. The ham is carefully cured, lightly wood-smoked with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices, then oven-baked to perfection. Finally, it is generously glazed and delicately coated with a sweet, crumbly crust.

Ham Selections